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Mad Mumzie AKA Leanne Drew has been a Dump Truck, water cart, grader and loader Operator in the mines for 13 years.

At first working on a crew of 60 men and 2 women was challenging and she struggled to comprehend how to drive a truck and deal with crew culture. Finally, it all began to click, and she chose to continue her mining career.

As a Nanna heading towards retirement, she began to speak of her experiences, why she chose to keep going and strategies for others who may also find it challenging. “Mad Mumzie” the brand was born.

A blog led to writing for Shift Miner magazine and starting a podcast called “Beers with A Miner.” Interview and solo episodes with stories, tips and strategies from past and present miners as well as those supporting the industry’s workers and families. An online teaching hub with courses enables Leanne to teach others how to thrive and survive in the industry, how to get a start, and to know if you are actually cut out to be a miner?

Creating these courses using the Teachable platform inspired Leanne to also begin creating online courses for others. This is her new passion, helping people to share their talents and knowledge online with the world!

"Hi MM, excellent insights and insider knowledge. I would recommend to anyone that is wanting to work in this industry and those that are already there. Congratulations on a great initiative! Cheers Tanya p.s you have a great voice for podcasting :-D"

- Tanya Pavey

OMG Mad Mumzie!! Such a comprehensive course. So many resources and links in here let alone all the years of lessons learned you have so generously shared with us. I mean that literally.

Reckon you should put the price up as this is literally 'priceless.' I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you are thinking of getting into the game (even if you are already in it) there is so much information here it boggles my mind, oh and you will also laugh out loud at times.

Thank you for all your hard work you do for our industry. This should be mandatory on boarding for everyone. Love your work. Cannot wait for your next courses to go live!!

- Hard Hat Mentor

"Thank you so much for providing this course to us wannabes. I have found it extremely informative and it has eased my frustration with Google. It have cleared the way for my first step on the journey."

- Robert, Student inside the Pounce! course