'Knowledge about mining lifestyle and culture, is THE most effective way for a Newbie to last in the mining industry. --- before they even start…' Mad Mumzie

You have done the leg work, found where the jobs are advertised, tweaked your resume, prepped for interviews and engagement days, now you are ready to "Pounce!" On your mining job.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who got an email, phone call, interview and they said YES!

"Go do your medical and inductions and we will see you in a month."

Excitedly you tell all your friends and family!

Then you start thinking....


Mad Mumzie, host of Australia's 1st mining podcast 'Beers With a Miner' will help you go into your new mining lifestyle with your eyes open, like an undercover newbie!

You will know what to expect so you can reduce that feeling of overwhelm and fear of the unknown, so that you can spend your time and energy on your training, instead of all the other little things that will challenge you.

If you’re struggling with the feeling of being unprepared, not knowing what to expect on the next steps in your mining career this is for you!

If you are yet to get your start in the mines but want to know more about camp and mine site life, this is for you too!

You will be way ahead of the pack just by knowing these things.

I get contacted all the time by people who have just got a job in the mines -

  • operators
  • apprentices
  • admin
  • underground
  • kitchen
  • cleaners
  • bus drivers
  • the jobs list is endless as you will learn!

They are heading to camp and a mine site for the first time ever. They are excited yet apprehensive at the same time! 

The questions start coming….  

What should I take with me?

What are the best boots?

Can I wear a belt?

What is such and such camp like?

What if no one likes me?

What food do they have there?

Will there be internet?

What plane or bus do I get on?

Then there are all the doubts and fears and what ifs that start to sneak in. Mad Mumzie is here for you.

**Live video Q & A's, where you can hit Mad Mumzie up with any questions, concerns worries you may have. Also you can access me privately too if you do not want to share. I am here for you.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much they don’t know yet, like you.

You just don't know what you don't know until it starts to unfold!

They ask me because they know I have done it myself for over 13 years, my family are miners and I have hosted Australia’s first mining podcast “Beers with a Miner” where I talk to other miners since March 2016.

Are you in? Let's Do This!

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Dianna Whitney

'I enrolled into the 'Start Date Now What' course from Mad Mumzie.

The course set me up for success from the very beginning and took all the guess work out of a new start out at the mines.

It made me much more confident and excited about my new career. Thanks Mad Mumzie. Recommend the course to all! And good luck to everyone.

Enrol it will be the best decision you make'

This course will continue to grow and evolve and be expanded with time and also feedback from those wonderful people MM is mentoring into the mining life, just like you could be.

Questions being asked daily are inspiring new content to help everyone.

Come back to the course whenever you find a new challenge as you go through the many stages during recruitment, on boarding, training, going out on your own, challenging crew members, health and fitness, family crisis and new job opportunities...to stay or go?

Mad Mumzie is here to help you... Enrol now, and let's get this happening!

Perhaps you have read my articles in Shift Miner magazine, listened to all the Beers With a Miner podcast episodes, signed up to the free 'Pounce!' and 'Mining Terms You Need To Know' courses, been with me on social media, and my email list......

The next part is this course, designed just for you, so you can Thrive And Survive this Mining Lifestyle!

Let's do this!

Ready to dig in? Get it dig? Mining!


Mad Mumzie, Leanne

Are you in? Let's Do This!

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Christie Gessey

'Thank you Mad Mumzie for the fantastic course Start Date. It helped me prepare for my new to industry role.

Has great tips and what to expect. Thank you greatly. Would highly recommend to all new starters.

Thank you for all your personal support also. Any questions I ask you put my mind at ease.

Without all this information and support and encouragement by you I would have not continued my journey.

Thank you once again. Keep those encouragement boots on'