Mining Terms You Need to Know!

Acronyms and their meanings. Plus- Mad Mumzie's Giggle Glossary. Terms you won't get taught officially.

There are a lot of terms you will never have heard before you start your mining journey. Here are some that may not be shared in training or in other courses you have done. Look at this as a heads up from Mad Mumzie, it's the nature and mentality of the industry you are trying to get into. These can be found in Mad Mumzie's Giggle Glossary.

Be warned ***Some of these may offend and be explicit in nature***

On a more serious note you will also find a Glossary of Mining Terms commonly used. They can vary from site to site and you will learn most of these in your inductions and training from more professional people than Mad Mumzie.

These are growing lists that may help you become familiar with terms prior to your interview, and help you when you head to a mine site for the first time.

You will have information overload at first, so if you have a few things you already know, your mining journey will be a little easier.

Please leave in the comments other terms you come across that were foreign to you, or various definitions of the ones I have covered.

For the experienced operators I thank you in advance for your contribution as this will help so many who are new to our industry. Thank you also to my current crew for their input to helping create and inspire this list. C crew rocks!


Mad Mumzie

Your Instructor

Mad Mumzie
Mad Mumzie

Mad Mumzie AKA Leanne Drew has been a Dump Truck, water cart, grader and loader Operator in the mines for 13 years.

At first working on a crew of 60 men and 2 women was challenging and she struggled to comprehend how to drive a truck and deal with crew culture. Finally, it all began to click, and she chose to continue her mining career.

As a Nanna heading towards retirement, she began to speak of her experiences, why she chose to keep going and strategies for others who may also find it challenging. “Mad Mumzie” the brand was born.

A blog led to writing for Shift Miner magazine and starting a podcast called “Beers with A Miner.” Interview and solo episodes with stories, tips and strategies from past and present miners as well as those supporting the industry’s workers and families. An online teaching hub with courses enables Leanne to teach others how to thrive and survive in the industry, how to get a start, and to know if you are actually cut out to be a miner?

Creating these courses using the Teachable platform inspired Leanne to also begin creating online courses for others. This is her new passion, helping people to share their talents and knowledge online with the world!

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